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Introduced to the motorcycle market in 2009, BikeTrac has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded automotive tracking products, thanks to the team’s dedicated approach to motorcycle security with its proven multi-tier technology

Benefitting from GPS, GSM and RF, BikeTrac was the first to offer such technology in a dedicated motorcycle device, allowing the team to not only track down stolen motorcycles and  scooters, but be able to assist in proactive recoveries, where only Radio Frequency (RF) could offer detailed location information.  BikeTrac offer a unique 0% finance offer, making it now even easier for riders to protect their machines with what has become renowned as one of the most effective security solutions available.

Hard Security Logo

Hard Security range

An accredited portable Grab and Chain to add extra security while away from home and super strong Ground Anchors, available in a variety of colours.

Visit – https://biketrac.co.uk/hard-security/ and use discount code “AirV2021” and get 20% discount off the Hard Security Range.   

For more information please visit www.biketrac.co.uk

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Phoenix Motorcycle Training

Phoenix Motorcycle Training is the largest motorcycle training school in the UK with an excellent reputation for quality and value. The safety of our students and instructors is our number one priority, and that’s why we choose Helite’s Airbag jackets for all of our instructors.
Our focus on bringing quality training and excellent customer service to our students matches Helite’s values of nurturing customer relationships and continually improving their product to remain at the forefront of protective clothing for motorcyclists. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with them.
We’re pleased to be able to recommend Helite’s quality airbag jackets and vests to our students and use their dependable product to keep our instructors safe. You can find out more about our motorcycle training courses from our website, or simply give our contact centre a call. Tel: 0330 223 4000 or visit the website at https://phoenixmotorcycletraining.co.uk/
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IAM Roadsmart

Airvest is delighted to work with the IAM roadsmart organization. We have many shared values and a similar vision on Motorcycle safety. We are honored to already have many IAM members as customers.
We are committed to explaining and demonstrating the benefits Body worn Airbag protection can deliver to IAM members. We always accept invitations from IAM groups around the country to do ‘club night’ presentations. We support all IAM Track and Skills days around the UK.

In Scotland they are supported by Gary Stagg. garrystagg@outlook.com. M 07719 251744

In the North of England they are supported by Peter Riley peter@airvest.co.uk M 07775532977

In the Midlands they are supported by Lee Lowry lee.lowry@btinternet.com M 07894 538756

In London the South East and Thames Vale they are supported by Nick Houlton nick@lovelifeandride.com M 07795192005

Airvest Ltd Is The Preferred Supplier For Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers Safety Equipment


Airvest is delighted to work with the Bloodbike organization and support their excellent charity work wherever we can.

We have many shared values and a similar vision on Motorcycle safety. We are honoured to already have many Bloodbikers as customers.

We are committed to explaining and demonstrating the benefits Body worn Airbag protection can deliver to Bloodbike members. We always accept invitations from Bloodbike groups around the country to do ‘club night’ presentations.

If we were a larger organization we would freely sponsor our safety equipment to all Bloodbikers. We do have some special offers available to Bloodbike members, please contact Peter Robinson at chair@bloodbike.org.uk for more details.

As a note of caution to all our Bloodbike customers, if you are wearing your bloodbike vests on top of our Airvests please ‘up size’ your bloodbike vest.

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Magellan Motorcycle Tours

Magellan Motorcycle Tours offers over 60 different guided and self-guided itineraries to 25 countries across the globe. With 750,000 miles covered each season, it’s no surprise that customer safety is our highest priority.

We’ve chosen to partner with Helite because we believe their values of nurturing customer relationships and continuously improving product quality align with our own and because we care about the motorcycling community that we have created. 

Being able to recommend a high-quality, dependable product to our friends and customers gives us the peace of mind to take people on tour in safety. Plus, knowing that our guides use Helite vests whilst on tour means one less worry on our minds.

Learn more about the tours we offer or simply get advice about holidaying on your motorcycle by visiting our website or giving us a call at the office.

magellanmotorcycletours.co.uk   01872 211456

B.I.K.E.R.S. Training

Providers of First Bike on Scene, Bikers Training have been actively been using the Helite turtle since 2019. A team of 2 Rodge and Pete, Emergency care motorcycle personnel always wear Helite turtles whilst riding.

Set up in 2011, B.I.K.E.R.S. Training aims to contribute to the road safety of motorcyclists by providing them with immediate care skills in the event of coming across a road traffic collision, involving another biker.

Website: www.bikerstraining.com

Email: rodge@bikerstraining.com


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