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Airvest Ltd offers a varied range of stylish textile and leather motorcycle jackets and motorcycle safety vests from our Helite range. Every Jacket and vest has been through years of design and development to ensure you are the safest you could possibly be on your bike.

Why choose an Airvest motorcycle Jacket?

As the name suggests, Airvest will detect if you are falling off your bike or are involved in an accident and inflate in just 0.094 seconds. This gives you the added protection you need if involved in an accident. Let’s face it, airbags are used in car accidents everyday to save lives and decrease injury. Now the same can be said for motorcyclists too.

Using our inflatable motorcycle jackets or vests could not be simpler. Just zip up or clip in and you are ready to be the safest you can be on your bike. Giving you added neck, back and full torso protection when needed but still giving you the freedom of full movement when not.

As well as this. Our Turtle range also includes a reinforced back section for even more protection. It’s like, you guessed it, having a turtle shell on your back. The shell is placed after the airbag to help avoid spinal injuries. Stopping permanent paralysis from most accident types.

In conclusion, our Airvests and motorcycle jackets have already saved lives. They are used by our first responders due to their impressive reputation and are also available in Hi Viz colours. What ever your need, if you want to be safe, then we have you covered.


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