life saved in a crash

Another life saved.

The accident was a back wheel skid which developed into a high side at roughly 50mph. I did a number of flips and went through a fence and hit a tree. The air Ambulance service was called had to correct my leg on scene. 

I broke the knuckle clean off my femur and had surgery to put in a permanent plate and 9 screws.

Now what I am seriously impressed by, is that I landed on my back, hitting my head (destroying a carbon fibre helmet) and I didn’t have a signal upper body bruise. No neck strain, just nothing. To be honest I remember the accident very clearly and felt no upper body pain when hitting the ground. Sadly I felt the legs.  Having had dirt bike accidents, with full Alpinestars armour the difference is significant. 

I have owned the air vest for roughly 5 years, and have toured all of Spain and Portugal. Worn it everyday as a commuter in the fine Scottish weather, never had it serviced or changed the canister and still it performed perfectly. 

A couple of my friends who where on scene have since invested in your adventure jackets. Nothing like seeing it to believe it eh.

John – UK

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