Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday

Name: Andrew Ancell

Product: Helite Vented Air Jacket

What happened: Since a fellow rider was thrown from his motorcycle in which he broke most of his ribs I decided it was time to wear a Helite jacket. Last year I was leading our group of riders in Spain. The sat nav took me up a very steep hill with no exit which meant I had to turn the bike round.

Unfortunately I lost my footing and the bike dropped down the steep incline. I threw myself away from the bike downhill so fell quite a distance. The air jacket went off and I landed and according to a fellow rider said I bounced like a ball!

I had no injuries at all. I am sure if I had not been wearing the jacket at the least I would have been bruised and worst Brocken shoulder / bones.

After fitting a new air canister in my jacket I was on my way within 10 minutes. I will not ride without an air jacket. The air vest was not damaged and I had a slight scratch on my helmet.

Thank you Andrew for letting us tell your story. If it wasn’t for the airbag, Andrew could have been seriously injured.

If you have bought an airbag from us and would like to tell us your story, then go to our Submit Your Story Page.

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