Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday

Name: P. Hawkes

Product: Turtle

What happened: On a roundabout at approx 30mph, a car came from behind and the driver decided it would be a good time to change lanes, but failed to notice a motorcycle in the way of that change. The front wing and passenger door made heavy contact with the engine crash bar throwing the bike sliding on its side and me down the road.  

I hadn’t realised the jacket had gone off until I tried to get up and felt the restriction on my chest, but that went quickly. Although I slid down the tarmac for about 15 yards, and my helmet was damaged on the front and side by the tarmac and bore strike marks from the back wheel of the car, the only injury I suffered was a grazed elbow.  

The airvest did its job magnificently and I’m sure injury would have been serious without it. The driver’s insurers paid for all the damage to bike and gear, and the driver was given the option of attending a driver education course or going to court.

Thank you for letting us tell your story. As said, If it wasn’t for the airbag, he could have been seriously injured.

If you have bought an airbag from us and would like to tell us your story, then go to our Submit Your Story Page.

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