Zip’In Airvest & Outer Systems

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Use our product configurator below to build your own Zip’In airbag system.
This product Includes the protective inner Zip’In Airbag and also the compatible outers of your choice.
Simply follow the steps.

Safety Guidance

How do I choose the right size?

Answer: It is important to choose the right size of your airbag system for optimal protection. For this, we advise you to follow our size chart. Hint: measuring your back is important and a good indication to find the right size.

Is it possible to try the airbag system?

Answer: Yes. Simply click the green button labeled "Try before you buy" and follow the instructions.

Where can I buy new cartridges?

Answer: All replacement cartridges can be purchased from our accessories section.

Where can I buy new lanyards?

Answer: All replacement lanyards can be purchased from our accessories section.

Can I reuse my airbag system after an accident?

Answer: Yes, as long as the airbag is in good condition with no holes or tears. It's easy to do, you can reset the system in under 2 minutes, without sending your airbag system back to us. You simply need to replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one, available in our accessories section.

Can I reuse the CO2 cartridge?

Answer: No, once it is used you will need a replacement.

What is the warranty of the Helite airbag systems?

Answer: All Helite airbags come with a 2 year warranty as standard. You can extend this if you register your airbag within 3 months of purchase and have it serviced by us at the end of the first two years. This will give you an additional two years of warranty of the airbag. (Airbag Component Only - Encapsulating Jackets, Vests, Outers and Backpacks come With A Standard 1 Year Warranty).

1 review for Zip’In Airvest & Outer Systems

  1. Michelle Wolfe

    I absolutely love my zip in air vest system! So light & comfortable. And the team were really helpful with their sizing advice and try before you buy option. Thank you!

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