Helite B’Safe Size Chart

Each person has their own morphology, our size charts are presented for information only.

  • The B’Safe Cycling Airvest is available in 4 sizes: from S to XL.
  • The B’Safe Cycling Airvest combined is designed to be worn over your normal clothing and the measurements below are taking this into account.
Size (CM) S M L XL
A – Size
B – Chest Measurement
C – Waist Circumference
B’Safe e-Canister Size

B’Safe Cycling Airvest


The world’s first body-worn airbag protection system for cyclists. This product will appeal to daily commuting or road cyclists who want to combine practicality, high visibility, style and most importantly optimal safety.

Due to import and covid delays, some electronic triggering devices could see a delay of up to 30 days for shipping. For more information, or to check availability, please contact us.

Size Chart

Helite B’Safe Cycling Airvest: Key Features

  • CE Certified Airbag:Vest fully inflates in less than 0.08 seconds.
  • Multi-sensor Detection: Motion analysis detection system integrated into airvest with optional shock detection sensor pack.
  • Electronic Trigger System –Simple and intuitive wireless, electronically activated airbag system. Battery life: 25 hours (USB charging mechanism).
  • Discreet:Invisible airbag integrated within the vest itself with a discreetly concealed e-canister.
  • Comfort and freedom of movement:Light and breathable technical fabric
  • Easy to Use: On/off colour code system button to activate/deactivate airvest.
  • High Visibility: Hi Viz colour option available as well as reflective strips on the front and back of both colour options (Black/Hi-Viz Yellow).
  • Resistant:seams resistant to inflation.
  • Composition:60% Polyester, 37% Nylon, 3% Elastane, 100% Polyurethane airbag.
  • Range of sizes available:
    • S (e-50cc compatible)
    • M, L (e-60cc compatible)
    • XL (e-100cc compatible)

What Does My Helite B’safe Cycling Airvest Come With?

Helite B’Safe Cycling Airvest: Technology

Large Airbag Volume: Helite airbags offer the largest volume of protection on the market between 17L and 28L. The unique shape of the airbag effectively absorbs shocks, protects vital areas and stabilises the body from your head to your coccyx.
Electronic System: The Helite electronic Airvest does not require any attachments as it works autonomously. It detects the rider’s movements and triggers the airbag in the event of an accident or fall. There are two sensors involved in the electronic systems – one located in the vest and an optional saddle sensor.
Vest Sensor: This sensor involves motion analysis algorithms and GPS signals. This sensor will detect a variety of real time scenarios including cyclist’s motion, position, speed and accidents above 7mph. Accidents that occurred slower than 7mph may not be detected. However, if the accident involves direct impact and you are using the e-Saddle Sensor as well this will inflate the vest.

Once charged the vest will have approximately 25 hours of use before it will require recharging. It will automatically switch to ‘sleep mode’ when no movement is detected for 45 seconds and is reactivated automatically with first movement.

e-Saddle Sensor: This is a very useful optional addition to the wireless technology. The list of detectable accidents is increased by using this device as they also include accidents when stationary/0mph for example when you are hit by a 3rd party vehicle.

Please note: Each accident is different. Even though the Helite crash detection system covers a large majority of accidents, there is always a risk of non-triggering as the accident you personally experience is not recognised by the software or there has been an interruption in the GPS signal.

The saddle sensor is easily installed on the bike and does not require charging as it has an autonomy of around 5 years.

No Updates Required: Currently no system or algorithm updates are required for the vest to function correctly. Should this ever become the case we will contact you directly.
PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable: Providing there is no damage to the airvest, the system is perfectly reusable. Simply replace the correct sized e-canister according to the instruction manual and away you go. It will take less than 2 minutes for you to complete this task.

CE Certification & Warranty

CE certified airbag: All our airbags are certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognised organisation that checks and approves personal protective equipment (PPE) for cyclists.

Guarantee: All Helite airbags come with a 2 year warranty as standard. You can extend this if you register your airbag within 3 months of purchase and have it serviced by us at the end of the first two years. This will give you an additional two years of warranty of the airbag. (Airbag Component Only – Encapsulating Jackets, Vests, Outers and Backpacks come With A Standard 1 Year Warranty).

Weight 2 kg

S, M, L, XL


Black, Hi Viz

e-Saddle Sensor Pack

With e-Saddle Sensor Pack, Without e-Saddle Sensor Pack





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  • B'safe cycling safety vest and saddle sensor

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