Motorcycle Key Ball


The Motorcycle key ball is a small but essential piece of equipment is an integral part of the Helite mechanically fired airbag system. You simply clip in your motorcycle lanyard to this device when mounting your bike.

 The motorcycle key ball remains integrated into the vest unless it is pulled away by the lanyard in the event of an accident. Once the key ball component is pulled away from the vest it will inflate the jacket in less than 0.094s. This simple device can be easily re-instated so that your vest is ready to use again, just add a new CO2 canister and away you go.

Please see the instruction manual supplied with the jacket for reassembling your mechanically fired airvest.

Safety Checks:

It is important to keep an eye on the key ball for any signs of wear and tear and replace as needed. Things to monitor;

  • Is the plastic sheath damaged?
    If yes: if it is a small split the key ball is still functional as there is a steel cable inside so would not require replacement at this time. Monitor for further signs of wear.
  • Is the steel cable exposed?
    If yes: ideally would require replacement at this stage but as the key ball is still functional you can monitor for further signs of wear and replace as needed.
  • Are there signs of wear to the steel cable?
    If yes: replace immediately.
  • Mechanical/rotational integrity
    They key ball should rotate easily and not have any rust or signs of wear to the mechanism. If there is any deterioration replace immediately.
  • If in doubt you can have this component checked at your annual service.

What's the Motorcycle Keyball used for?

Answer: The key ball can be used as a replacement if your previous keyball is damaged. If you have an equestrian lanyard and want to convert your vest to use the hybrid lanyard, then you will also need this.

How do I attach the Keyball?

Answer: Please view the instructional video below. Alternatively, details of how to install the kayball can be found in the vest or jackets supplied instructions.

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