Helite Turtle 2 Size Chart

Each person has their own morphology, our size charts are presented for information only. We recommend that you do not wear an airbag if you weigh less than 35 kg.

  • The Turtle 2 is available in 7 sizes: from XS to XL-L.
  • The Turtle 2 airbag is designed to be worn over your normal clothing or usual motorcycle or equestrian equipment e.g. jackets, body armour etc.
  • Don’t forget to take this into account when taking measurements.
A – Size
B – Chest Measurement
C – Waist Circumference
D – Hip Circumference
E – Back Length
Canister Size

Helite Turtle 2 Airvest

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The Helite Turtle 2 Airvest merges optimal protection with a stylish design suitable to wear over any equestrian or motorcycle jacket. The NEW retroreflective strips make the rider as visible as possible on the road.

Safety Guidance

Size Chart

Helite Turtle 2 Airvest: Key Features

  • CE certified airbag which is fully inflated in less than 0.094 seconds
  • Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
  • Inner textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation.
  • Vest-style body-worn protective air bag system.
  • Adjustable fastenings and Exterior Pocket.
  • Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
  • High performance and durable sports fabric.
  • Retroreflective strips for maximum visibility.
  • Multi directional triggering system.
  • Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment including race suits.
  • Composition: 100% polyester vest, 100% polyurethane airbag.
  • Range of sizes available:
    • XS, S, M, L, XL (60cc compatible)
    • LL, XLL (100cc compatible)

What Does My Helite Turtle 2 Airvest Come With?

Helite Turtle 2 Airvest: Technology

Large airbag volume

Large Airbag Volume: Helite airbags offer the largest volume of protection on the market between 17L and 28L. The unique shape of the airbag effectively absorbs shocks, protects vital areas and stabilises the body from your head to your coccyx.
mechanical system Mechanical System: Reliable and easy to use system.  Simply attach the airbag vest to the motorcycle or to the saddlestrap if you are a horse rider using the lanyard supplied with the airbag system. The airbag inflates when the lanyard disconnects via the keyball mechanism.

TURTLE Technology: a SAS-TEC level 2 back protector was added to the airbag to distribute the energy from an impact over the entire airbag. This technology significantly improves energy absorption and reduces the risk of intrusion.


Due to the placement of the back protector on the outside of the airbag this results in the energy from an impact being dispersed effectively & evenly.

Tests from the external laboratory CRITT Sport have shown that the force distribution is 4 times more effective than with a regular airbag of the same size and the same shape.

PICTO HELITE 87x87_REUSABLE Reusable: Reload the canister yourself in less than two minutes.

CE Certification & Warranty

CE certified airbag: All our airbags are certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognised organisation that checks and approves personal protective equipment (PPE) for horse riders and motorcyclists.

Guarantee: All Helite airbags come with a 2 year warranty as standard. You can extend this if you register your airbag within 3 months of purchase and have it serviced by us at the end of the first two years. This will give you an additional two years of warranty of the airbag. (Airbag Component Only – Encapsulating Jackets, Vests, Outers and Backpacks come With A Standard 1 Year Warranty).

In order to satisfy any of the warranties you must retain proof of purchase (e.g. invoice/receipt) and also proof that your airvest or jacket has been serviced as a minimum of every 2 years.

How can I choose the right size?

Answer: It is important to choose the right size of your airbag system for optimal protection. For this, we advise you to follow our size chart. Hint: measuring your back is important and a good indication to find the right size. Please note that the models Turtle, e-Turtle, Airnest, Custom, GP Air and e-GP Air should always be worn over your motorcycle equipment. You should therefore only take your measurements with your equipment. The Touring, Vented, Roadster, Xena and Parka City models are worn like a classic motorcycle jacket.

Is it possible to try the airbag system?

Answer: Yes. Simply click the green button labeled "Try before you buy" and follow the instructions.

Where can I buy new cartridges?

Answer: All replacement cartridges can be purchased from our accessories section.

Where can I buy new lanyards?

Answer: All replacement lanyards can be purchased from our accessories section.

Can I reuse my airbag system after an accident?

Answer: Yes, as long as the airbag is in good condition with no holes or tears. It's easy to do, you can reset the system in under 2 minutes, without sending your airbag system back to us. You simply need to replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one, available in our accessories section.

Can I reuse the CO2 cartridge?

Answer: No, once it is used you will need a replacement.

What is the warranty of the Helite airbag systems?

Answer: All Helite airbags come with a 2 year warranty as standard. You can extend this if you register your airbag within 3 months of purchase and have it serviced by us at the end of the first two years. This will give you an additional two years of warranty of the airbag. (Airbag Component Only - Encapsulating Jackets, Vests, Outers and Backpacks come With A Standard 1 Year Warranty).

Can I travel with my Helite airbag?

Answer: Bus, train, car: No constraint. For electronic models, remember to turn off the vest when you take this type of transport with your vest.   Plane : You may encounter some difficulties with the security services regarding the CO2 cartridges used to inflate the airbag. According to the regulations (IATA Regulations - see Manuals section), you are authorised to fly with 2 gas cartridges (the volume must be less than 200cc), in the cabin or in the hold. Even if the regulations allow it, it is possible that the security service or the airline refuses to let you board with it. We strongly recommend that you print the "IATA Regulations" and show this document to the security service or the airline during the control if they ask for more explanations. In any case, it is the airport security service and the airline that will make the final decision whether or not to accept the airbag on board. Often each airline will have their own advice pages online, it is worth printing these out also as supplementary documentation.

Weight 3 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL, LL, XLL


Bright Orange, Hi-Viz Yellow, Navy Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Red, Royal Blue


Commuting, Dressage, Hacking & Hunting, Show Jumping, Touring, X-Country




Equestrian Lanyard & Saddle Strap, Motorcycle Lanyard



IATA Airline Regulations Data Sheet

16 reviews for Helite Turtle 2 Airvest

  1. John Stoddart

    Went to the bike show today at the N.E.C in Birmingham and visited the Helite Stand. We were greeted by a lovely young lady who talked us through the advantages of having the new Helite Turtle 2 vest. We also witnessed the vest being inflated while being worn, then the impact test to the turtle shell on the back of the Vest, absolutely amazing and outstanding. We were that impressed all 3 of us bought a Turtle 2 vest along with a spare canister. Can’t praise the Airvest Company enough, from product knowledge, through to customer service. ??

  2. Geoff Cadman

    I purchased a Turtle 1 two years ago after a year of deliberation. I was mainly concerned about how it would feel in very hot weather, but during a very hot summer’s riding, I found the difference between riding with the Airvest and with just my ‘air mesh’ summer jacket was negligible.
    I am totally sold on the Airmesh jacket.
    (I have over 50 years riding experience)

  3. Geoff Cadman

    **Amended review, re typo error on my first submission – please delete ‘jacket’ and replace with ‘vest’

    purchased a Turtle 1 two years ago after a year of deliberation. I was mainly concerned about how it would feel in very hot weather, but during a very hot summer’s riding, I found the difference between riding with the Airvest and with just my ‘air mesh’ summer jacket was negligible.
    I am totally sold on the Airmesh Vest.
    (I have over 50 years riding experience)

  4. Adam Jacobs (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. I use it every time I ride, and I’m always telling anyone who will listen how good it is!

  5. Adam Chojnacki (verified owner)

    I bought the turtle 2 vest for my motorbike trips, service from airvest team was amazing! I had to wait for my size as was temporary unavailable but in the meantime they offered to lend ma a vest in case I will go for a trip! Since then I made a lot of miles wearing the vest and I’m extremely happy how comfy and easy to use it is, thankfully I haven’t had opportunity to test how it’s working.
    Highly recommend both Helite best and airvest shop!
    And additional tip: there is no problem to take airbag vest in on-board luggage to the plane when you are going to overseas trip.

  6. Phil Hudson (verified owner)

    Hi, I recently returned to biking after a 32 year lay off and I wanted to make sure that I was protecting myself the best way I could, after all the roads are a lot busier now a days. I opted for textiles with body armour and after watching numerous videos on YouTube I decided to go for the Helite Turtle 2. Where I made my mistake was putting on my jacket and measuring over the top of that and those where the measurements I sent in to Peter. What arrived in the post 2 days later (great service) was a size XL! I could have fit 2 of me in the vest. A quick phone call to Peter on the Monday morning and he asked my height, “5’8” I replied, you need a size medium said he. Rather than messing about with packaging etc. I asked if I could visit him to swap over my vest, as Leeds was only 1.5hrs from home. Peter acceded and asked me to bring my jacket and helmet with me. As I got out of my car on arriving at his delightful farm, he said “ definitely a medium”. After my vest was exchanged and coffee was brought to the workshop, Peter asked if I would like to test my Airvest being inflated? That’s why I needed my jacket and helmet. The inflation is instantaneous and literally takes your breath away, at the same time keeping your spine straight and protecting your neck and torso. Whiplash injuries are very much reduced.
    He then gave me a demonstration of fitting a new gas canister and repacking my Airvest.
    Thank you Peter and Airvest for your help that day. I wouldn’t dream of getting on my bike without wearing my Airvest in the same way that I wouldn’t ever ride it without my helmet on, it’s an essential piece of personal body protection and it should be yours too. Thanks for reading my review. Phil Hudson. Cheshire.

  7. CD Robbo

    I bought my Turtle 2 after much research, review reading and recommendations from fellow riders.
    And I am very glad that I chose the T2 as its got everything I need to protect me in the event of a spill.
    I like that it’s a mechanical rather than an electronic trigger, it’s simple and effective and I understand it. Fall off, bag inflates instantly. That’s it, all I need. And I can then re set the system cheaply and easily.

    The service from AIRVEST was exemplary and while some folk may think its expensive…
    A) You get what you pay for. Its quality. It works.
    B) it’s cheaper than a new spine.
    I show and tell every biker I meet about my AIRVEST, how good it is and why they need to invest in one Today!
    I can say more than I wear it every time even on shortest ride as its so light and easy to use.
    Chris Robbo
    CCM rider

  8. des.powell

    I bought my own jacket and was so impressed I ordered one for my wife too. Then i have recommended it to several of my rider mates who now also use it. Mine is now two years old and frankly is still in mint condition with around 20k of miles on it.
    I would not ride without it as I know from my previous job that they can be a life saver and take a serious accident into one where you have a chance of walking away.
    I was a little worried it might be to bulky but frankly once on you can forget it! By it… It might be the best thing you ever did!

  9. Alex Hogg (verified owner)

    I’m out on my bike a lot as an observer for IAM. Undertaking advanced training helps to keep me as safe as possible whilst doing what is an inherently risky activity. However, you can never account for those freak occurrences which give you no chance of escaping. I hope I never have one, but I don’t want to be flying through the air thinking, “I wish I’d spent that money…”. So I’ve not used the vest in anger (and hope not to), but it is a very well made, quality product. I have every confidence it will function as designed when called upon.

  10. Paul Dewey

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. My Helite Turtle-2 Airvest in Hi-Viz yellow does just that. Dress for the slide not the ride.

  11. Alexander Dickson

    I am on my second turtle, the first had a bit of a hard life over many miles and a slide along the road and remained undamaged but changed colour after many salty miles and sun exposure, so I upgraded to a nice shiny orange one – hopefully, I stand out like a sore thumb but who knows.
    I know they work, first hand and do not recommend operating them in the snow but, I did have to get home ( and almost made it) . I have seen two others go off, one because the rider crawled out from under his bike after toppling on an adverse camber during a u turn and one as a result of a slide on a defective surface, after a slide along the road his expensive top of the range kit was full of holes ( surprisingly) but his turtle appeared relatively undamaged, so they are pretty tough and he was able to ride home okay. I know a rider who managed to set off his expensive Italian electronic vest ( unexplained as he was not on the bike at the time) but it has been back at the factory for 6 weeks, whereas a simple canister change on the belt pull and you are ready to rock. They work and are unnoticeable when wearing and cheaper than a new spine or neck, why would you not?

  12. KevinM

    I bought one of these 3 years ago and have travelled thousands of miles since. Although slightly faded by the sun it is as good as new. I’ve yet to use it in a significant accident although I have experienced a test inflation. It is very tight and supports your trunk and neck under your helmet lip.

    I am a neurosurgeon and work on a major trauma ward which is sadly full of bikers over the summer, many with rib fractures, spinal fractures and liver and spleen injuries in addition to their limb injuries. Men of Biker age, up ladders doing DIY is the other main group!

    I never go anywhere without my Airvest but do occasionally forget to clip in which leaves me feeling vulnerable and I have to pull over to “clunk click”. I have lived through the pre seat belt and pre airbag eras and have seen first hand the benefits of additional personal protection. The same applies to cycle helmets. There are always “nay sayers” who resist common sense but for me it is a well made product that adds a significant degree of personal protection to me in the event of an accident. Most of my serious biker friends now have some sort of air vest having seen these demonstrated to our Biking group some after additional exhortation by their partners.

  13. Simon Masters

    Great service and a great product.

  14. Waqar

    I you are interested in safety while riding, this vest is a must. I have personal experience of this vest in real life and it performed perfectly. I never ride without wearing this.

  15. John Byles (verified owner)

    I have owned and used the Turtle 2 for three years and believe it is essential PPE for motorcycling on the road or on the track. The protection provided and the high visibility of the jacket have added significantly to my confidence and enjoyment on the ride. I will not ride without wearing it. I saw recently how an experienced and advanced rider, after a collision, had survived potentially life-threatening injuries to internal organs due to the protection from the jacket. I am medium height and build and find the large size jacket fits comfortably without any restriction to movement. Ventilation is adequate during warm weather. It did not take long to remember to clip on to the lanyard and to avoid embarrassing attempts to dismount when forgetting to unclip. I highly recommend air vest technology and put it high up the list of gear and bike accessories.

  16. CLELAND ROGERS (verified owner)

    I am really please with my vest. It’s a high quality item and gives me an extra sense of security when I’m out on my bike. I went for the Hi Vis colour which was a good choice.

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  • Flo Burnop horse riding with the Turtle 2 Airvest
  • Biker wearing a Turtle 2 safety vest on motorbike front view Hi Vis
  • Isabella Smith at Belsay British Pony wearing the turtle 2 horse riding safety vest
  • Turtle 2 Hi Vis Safety Vest In Action
  • Flo Burnop horse riding with the Turtle 2 Airvest
  • Turtle 2 Safety Motorcycle Airvest Back Inflated
  • Flo Burnop horse riding with the Turtle 2 Airvest
  • Isabella Smith horse riding with the Turtle 2 Airvest

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